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Embalmer's Supply Company

The Embalmers’ Supply Company was born, April 1886 in Brooklyn, New York. It functioned out of the basement of a Pharmacy operated by a German born gentleman by the name of Max Huncke. It operated both as “The Brooklyn Fluid Works”, and the “Dolge and Huncke Company of Brooklyn”. In 1890 the company was moved to Westport, Connecticut and functioned there until 1987, when it moved to its present location in Stratford, Connecticut. In 1889, Mr. Dolge founded the first permanent school of Embalming to popularize the method and his products. This was known as the United States College of Embalming. Dr. Auguste Renouard was the demonstrator and later purchased the school.

The Embalmers’ Supply Company, trade name ESCO, has been the first with many items for use in this industry. Imported Formaldehyde for use in embalming fluid, made and produced the first Morgue Table, introduced the first double base embalming fluid, first company to use a wetting agent in fluids, invented and marketed the first tissue filler, introduced plastic garments to the industry, first Calcium Sequestering agent introduced to embalming fluids, manufactured and marketed the first aerosol products to this industry, and the list goes on. ESCO purchased the Turner Porti-Boy Company in February 1975 and has made the embalming machines ever since. ESCO also purchased the Gold Crest Chemical Co., in 1989 after the company burned to the ground, and has been marketing G/C products also. ESCO has been operating a division in Canada since 1931, and is about to start up in England to produce products for the European market, and has successfully set up distribution in the Philippines to supply the Pacific rim countries, and is making strides to market products in South America. ESCO has not been standing still over the years and will continue to be the leader in new products, new ideas, and new distribution points around the glob